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Are you confusing the Eraser (looks like a brick) with the Path Eraser (looks like a pencil)? /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/td-p/3746207, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746208#M10224, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746209#M10225, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746210#M10226, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746211#M10227, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746212#M10228, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746214#M10230, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746215#M10231, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746213#M10229, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746217#M10233, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746218#M10234, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746219#M10235, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746220#M10236, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746216#M10232, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746221#M10237, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746222#M10238, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/10642706#M146448, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/11709509#M257327, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/11710246#M257342. Copy link to clipboard. This is not the case when working with desktop publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator. I drew a stroked path with no fill and then experienced the same interaction with the chosen cap where the eraser went across the path. View 2 Replies View Related Illustrator :: Why Does Eraser Tool Leave Stroke Behind Jun 14, 2012 I tested it with a basic polygon and tried to erase through it and no it just created points. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular vector graphics editing software or a seasoned professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various features and filters, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. Can the eraser tool only erase entire strokes? New Here, Aug 17, 2010. It appears to be warping the lines instead of erasing them. Eraser tool will not work on image RhodesianRidgebackDog., Getting started with fonts in Illustrator. In Illustrator's Preferences, under the "Selection and Display Anchor" settings, Uncheck "Enable rubber band for" the Pen tool. Show a sample file and explain what you are doing. This video shows how to solve the Paintbrush Tool Prohibited Issue in Adobe Illustrator. I have a problem with the eraser tool too, it is creating paths instead of erasing. I can't seem to find it. None of the shapes in the gif are filled. Here is the same issue with basic shapes and lines(paintbrush tool). The eraser tool is completely customisable, much like the calligraphic brush. Note that new paths are automatically created along the edges of the erasure. It's basically the vector eraser tool but opposite. GM, using Win 7 and AI cs5. Also, I posted some gifs of the issue, is this normal, or am I screwing something up? Last time, the uploader didn't work and I had to post it first to Photobucket. This will also decrease the thickness of the rounded end as well and the gaps where you erased will increase. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. In my practice session using the Eraser tool I can't make it work. Try a path with only a fill or try a path with only a stroke. Line 1 is a piece of freehand text "ERASE" created with a caligraphic brush, 5 pts stroke. I paid 30 dollar a month for this I believe this product needs erase properly. Then the paths and fill bounce back from invisibility instantly. I see some dialogue on the subject but it is years old, Can anyone help me now please? That works -- until I stop the mouse drag and let go of the button. Not sure what exactly youare erasing there. If true, the part of Help, "Erase objects using the Eraser tool" needs a bit of clarifying. I'm using the latest version, Illustrator 24.0.2. From Help, "To erase any object on the artboard, leave all objects unselected". What I am trying to do is to blend the left edge of the rectangle in with the background above the curve (below the curve there is a line so no blending is needed). The Adobe Illustrator Eraser tool can't edit live type. But just in the last week I have been having problems with it not working correctly. This is probably simple but the resources online just confuse me. Unfortunately the eraser tool is not responsive. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial I am going to show you how to use 3D Effects in Adobe Illustrator. "Illustrator doesn't have a "bitmap" eraser tool because * personal guess * Adobe wants you to pay for Photoshop AND Illustrator to get such functionality". Line 2 is the result of dragging the Eraser tool, 200 dia., across, from right to left. It's practically unusable if I can't do this. I want to remove some areas of the image with the eraser tool. Raster-based applications alter pixels within an image. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Then the paths and fill bounce back from invisibility instantly. Thanks for the article. In addition to that, you may find how eraser tool works on help article it helps. When done, however, it all came back except for small gaps or breaks that you can see. By first creating a marquee around an area, you can erase everything inside the area. Maybe the path eraser is more what I'm looking for? Illustrator doesn't have a "bitmap" eraser tool because * personal guess * Adobe wants you to pay for Photoshop AND Illustrator to get such functionality. Because you can't use the Eraser tool on live type, select it with the Selection tool and convert it to outlines so it becomes vector material. Now what's interesting about these tools is that they allow you especially the eraser to create artwork by erasing portions of it. How to edit and reshape paths in Illustrator, How to adjust path segments in Illustrator, For more complex operations try live paint, How to create and work with Live Paint groups in Illustrator. It looked exactly like what I expected it would, but only after expanding the path first. Tips for Using the Eraser. Basically, - 10902414 The top of the round eraser passed over the lower 2/3 of the word. To remove individual characters from a type object, use the Type tool to select them so you can delete them. (It has a different use and functionality from the eraser in Photoshop.). Here are a couple of gifs of what I'm referring to. Photoshop CS4: Eraser tool not working. This aint paint program its a vector illustrator. Thanks again! It is first important to understand that The Brush Tools and the Eraser Tool in Illustrator completely unlike brushes/eraser in Photoshop or other raster-based applications. You don't need Photoshop anymore when Adobe gives you a pixel based eraser inside Illustrator? No. Is there a different tool that would work better? Jul 21, 2013. Thanks for reaching out. When you do so, Illustrator connects the parts that remain to reshape and close the path. I can do this in Photoshop, but I’m not sure if this is possible or the best approach in Illustrator. By default, the way the Background Eraser tool works is by sampling the color that's directly under the + in the center of the circle. Huge problem for me to draw in over shapes to make things erase very poor design and I still can not get all the area out. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. If you erase inside a filled object, Illustrator then creates a compound path. When a rounded end is selected for your strokes, Flash renders the "rounding" effect outside of the actual path. Copied. Path eraser tool - used to delete/disconnect areas of a line. Join Tony Harmer for an in-depth discussion in this video, Drawing with the Eraser tool, part of Illustrator 2020 Essential Training. Use the solid pointer (direct select tool) to highlight the item you are going to use the eraser tool on. Erasing Graphs: Ungroup the graph objects first, and then use the Eraser tool. Getting started with fonts in Illustrator. I can't do any work without this tool. You can see this effect reduced if you decrease the stroke size of a given line. Hello TehyV buddies! Help! The numbers say the size is adjusted, but when I use it, it is still way too large. I have tried adjusting it in the tool options dialogue box, double clicking the tool, and using the brackets. What kind of object are they? Sorry but this is nonsensical. Along with varying the size, graphic artists can easily change the angle and roundness of the stroke according to their design needs. The Eraser Tool works, but only on paths that are filled, even if only partially. As soon as you click, the tool and cursor will change to a circle with a + in the middle. Yes, this is normal if you erase filled ánd stroked paths. Having the easer work on a vector image would be a real problem. That's not how the tools work in Illustrator. Then after a couple of days, my regular erasers suddenly stop working but the other eraser like background and magic eraser are working. 1How To Use The Eraser Tool: In the next few videos, we will talk about two using illustrator tools that lets you erase portions off your artwork So we'll talk about the … I just want to eraser a few lines to make the two swords look neat but it … It seems like it is faded and not erasing like it should. Blob tool is a tool that looks like a regular brush, but when you draw with it, it fills in a whole area and vectorizes around the solid area. I'd like to request a tool from illustrator that would be an amazing addition to AF on ipad, especially with the apple pencil combo. Just under the File & Edit menus. Since I first upgraded from PSP X3, 5 months ago the eraser tool has worked great. Here, I'll try to upload a local file. Photoshop :: Eraser Tool Doesn't Work For Black Layer Mask Oct 12, 2012. I'm new to illustrator and I've been struggling with the eraser tool recently. The eraser tool just right for the illustrated program. Also, which version of Illustrator are you using? My window paint program erases exactly as it states. ... You can use the Eraser tool in the toolbox to erase parts of objects. Is this normal? The way I thought of doing this is using the eraser tool with a soft edge. hi, I am completely new to this. The eraser still doesn't really work on very large strokes. Then click the next triangle drop-down, Reset All Tools will be there. but will not delete fill colors. Can you show some screenshots that may explain your issue? I have been previously using this tool in the same AI file I am currently working in. Illustrator > Eraser tool will not work on image; Highlighted. All rights reserved.

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