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You can, however, buy upgrades from “Minuteman’s Armoury” and “Veni Vidi Vigor” machines. #2 Devil's Kiss - Raffle Square Pictures of the weapons: In the Main Campaign, killed 50 enemies with the Founder China Broom Shotgun or Vox Heater. #4 Smothered In The Crib In the Main Campaign, collected every Infusion upgrade in a single game. After the fight with the Patriots at the gondola station, you will ride the gondola up to the First Lady Aerodrome. The locker area will be on the bottom floor of this area. After you pass through the first hairpin picked door, there will be two enemies on the right of the center column standing very close to each other. Step 2: Beat the DLC on 1998 Mode and clean up If the same thing happens to you regarding a story-related trophy, reload the last checkpoint before it should have unlocked and try again, and if it's a trophy related to a cumulative number of actions, try performing the action once more. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Knocked out two or more enemies using the same Gas Bolt. Keep your distance as best you can and look for any Eve bottles or ammo and restock. Make sure not to pick 1999 mode in the beginning as you will be disappointed to finish the DLC and not get the trophy since you picked the wrong difficulty so make sure you pick 1998 mode. After finding the third tear in Emporia, return to the gate of Comstock House. The 8 Vigor combinations are: Most of these are fairly simple but the two Possession combinations are slightly more complicated. However, if you are only missing a very small number and have kept a note of which ones you still require, you can load up the specific Chapter that the collectable is located in by choosing “Chapter Select” at the Main Menu. BioShock: The Collection contains all three titles in the BioShock series: BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. This way, you can see which ones you have already collected, and if you are missing any you can use the following list to check against your in-game list to see which one's you're missing and then pick up via Chapter Select: Firstly, you will need to get the "Undertow" Vigor, so please see Well Rounded for all Vigor locations. This personally happened to me when I was trying to get The Ol' One-Two and Missile Defense System where I had disconnected from PSN and after completing the requirements for the trophies multiple times, they still would not unlock. #1 A Place In The World Fully Equipped If you wish to see a video of the Vigor locations, please watch this video: In the Main Campaign, killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects of a Vigor. Whilst you could play on Easy and run through the game grabbing all of the collectables unopposed, this would leave you woefully unprepared for 1999 Mode. #2 Seed Of A Lie Note that the enemy must be killed outright, so try to aim for the normal enemies who carry pistols or machine guns as they will die in one hit as opposed to the more armoured foes who take multiple Strikes. It is also cumulative across all playthroughs, so you should easily get this on your second run if you hadn’t already in your first. Simply kill 50 enemies with either of these weapons or a combination of the two. If you play on 1998 mode it will take much longer since the crossbow only holds 4 bolts at a time. It's basically a Horde mode that sees you defend yourself against waves of increasingly difficult enemies, across four different maps inspired by various locations in Columbia. #3 A Dog’s Loyalty They carry a Peppermill Crank Gun (Minigun). The Duke and Dimwit Theater is available to buy for $200 and is accessed via the portrait to the near left of the Motorized Patriot. The door to it is locked and requires the 4 digit code found in the "Oven of the Future" Audio Diary, you can find the Diary in the broken elevator in the Electronics section. A list of upgrades for your Vigors will be shown. These enemies tend to rush you in one big group rather than hang back and shoot you like normal enemies. The BioShock Infinite Season Pass is a package which includes the first three major pieces ofdownloadable content for BioShock Infinite. I restarted my PS3, signed in to PSN, reloaded the game from the last checkpoint and completed the game again. Find the piece of Gear again and it will be something completely different. Mein Hair In the Main Campaign, killed 10 enemies by utilizing environmental hazards. If you want to save your money you can always save up enough to buy both, let the trophy pop then reload the checkpoint. You do not have to freeze and kill 5 enemies at once, just 5 total over the course of the DLC. Infinite collection is 3 with all DLC. level 1 . #5 The Golden Path To Heaven There are three in the story that provide opportunities to get these kills: “Founders’ Lodge” in Raffle Square, “The Graveyard Shift” in Shantytown and the “Salty Oyster Bar” in Emporium. Chapter 9 - The Hall Of Heroes Sort by. Eventually you will reach a room with a huge tower of crates strapped together in the middle of the room. For this trophy, you need to freeze and then either melee or shoot the enemy so they shatter. #1 A Soldier’s Death There are 21 weapons and Vigors that you are required to kill an enemy with for this trophy, they are: #1 Comrades Of Necessity Journey to the cities of Rapture and Columbia across BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, including all single-player add-on content. The easiest way to do this is with Tesla Coils. … Completed the Main Campaign on Hard difficulty or above. 1. Therefore, you may get the ones mentioned above right at the start of the game, near the end, or not at all. The best place to earn this trophy is in the first Wave of OPS Zeal. Again, defeat all 15 waves of enemies to unlock this trophy. Chapter 16 - Worker Induction Center #1 Another Ark For Another Time Every time you pick up a new Voxophone, the game will notify you of your progress out of 80 towards the trophy. The counters for the non-story related trophies are cumulative across multiple playthroughs as well, thus making this even easier. While the Patriot can't stand up to too much punishment, activating him later in the fight makes it more likely he will survive to finish the Big Daddy off for you. Simply defeat all 15 waves of enemies and this trophy is yours. Emporia Arcade is available to buy for $1,000 and is accessed via the portrait to the far right of the Motorized Patriot. Of particular note is that only the second Handyman fight is unavoidable, the other three can be skipped by quickly rushing to the next area. #1 A Product Like Any Other #2 The Mirror Of Sin Damaged fifteen foes with an exploding enemy, using the Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1. It involves deleting your PROFILE Data (not your SAVE Data) from your HDD to make the game remember how many Blue Ribbons you have, but not which ones specifically. The Tears are highlighted in grey and labelled as “Turret” or “Motorized Patriot”, meaning you should be able to spot them easily. If you kill the enemies in front of the Hall of Heroes, they won't respawn. Museum Curator, NOTE: On the PS3 you must have the 1.05 or higher patch installed to play this DLC but the PS4 comes pre-installed with the main game. Down in the Briney Duke or Dimwit? The right combination of Gear can also help a lot in the final fight. This add-on will appeal to those who were fans of the combat in the main game. There are plenty of enemies and Freight Hooks in the area to make this trophy easy here. Raising the Bar Above the bandit are the words "El Ammo Bandito". A fair amount of the challenges will be pretty easy with your upgraded equipment, but some of them are still very tough. This trophy is pretty self-explanatory. For this trophy you must destroy 10 turrets in Burial at Sea and there are exactly 10 of them available, their locations are listed below. It is found in the Housewares section in the basement of the Bistro. There are also other glitches and bugs present in this DLC, see the Glitches and Warnings post for more information: LINK Shattered 5 enemies who had been frozen with Old Man Winter in Burial at Sea - Episode 1. It can be found in a side-office/locker area in the Service Bay in the main room where you find the Co2 Scrubber Replacement. BioShock The Collection retells the epic journeys of the BioShock universe beautifully remastered in 1080p. Up the stairs to the left (the floor right above The Daily Bread). There are enough enemies to easily accomplish this in your initial playthrough, but the counter for this trophy is cumulative so you can use Chapter Select to get it if needed. Luckily, I received the trophies. If you want to save your money you can always save up enough to buy both, let the trophy pop then reload the checkpoint. Do note that you must open 30 individual Tears and not the same ones back and forth. Step 1: Play the DLC on Normal difficulty first Again, the first few Waves of OPS Zeal are the best place to farm these as there are only weak Soldier enemies who pose little threat to you. Devil’s Kiss and Murder of Crows also work extremely well for this trophy as they deal a good amount of damage and distract enemies for a low Salt cost. Chapter 33 - Comstock House #1 Shame Of My Service After this, she will give a short speech discussing your plan, after which this trophy will unlock. Early on, various items of Gear can be found on your natural path, but the most useful ones are found later either by exploring (Gear is usually found in areas behind locks that you can pick with Elizabeth) or by picking them up from a defeated Handyman. vending machine, which are Charge, Murder of Crows, Return to Sender and Shock Jockey. There are four Boys of Silence in this area, so you have a few opportunities to use this method. 5 / 5. Fight for your life and outsmart your … Just crouch walk around the corner until you can get a shot in between the enemies. #1 Tiger By The Tail 3 are story related, 1 is tied to collecting all the Audio Diaries/Voxophones, 5 miscellaneous trophies which are easy to do and 1 trophy is tied to beating the game on 1998 mode. Features: BioShock: The Collection contains all three games within this … Possessing vending machines will also give you as much as $40 (but only once), which is useful for buying upgrades. #1 The Invisible Colour Always have it with you as your primary weapon and upgrade it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, each piece of Gear is random. BioShock Infinite has 80 Achievements worth 1695 points. If this happens, no trophies will unlock. Note that you must set the trap on the floor and lure them to it. In the Main Campaign, collected every Voxophone. Picture of the weapon: In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Founder Pig Volley Gun or Vox Hail Fire. Players wield guns and superpower-granting genetic modifications called Plasmids. This machine also talks (exclusively in Spanish) so you will probably hear it before you see it. 2. share . Walkthrough 3. In this DLC you will play as Elizabeth after the events of Episode 1 as she attempts to unravel the mysteries of Raptures and perhaps discover her fate. Once you obtain them, they can be selected by holding and choosing your desired Vigor with . If you want to get the trophy as early as possible, there a checkpoint right before the door where the noisemakers first appear so you can farm them by reloading the checkpoint (credit to Terminator for this tip). Reload the Checkpoint as needed. There are some new plasmids to play with too such as Peeking Tom which makes you invisible and can make life much easier for you. When you've finished your first run, you will at the very least have the following trophies: These are carried across multiple playthroughs and can be earned via Chapter Select, so you do not have to get them all in one run. You’ve mastered the skies of Columbia and unlocked every other trophy. Chapter 37 - Hand Of The Prophet Note that Sky-Line Strikes will not count towards this trophy; enemies must be killed with your weapons. A great piece of Gear for indoor battles is "Blood To Salt", which gives you a 40% chance of automatically receiving Salt packs when you kill an enemy. Not only is it the most useful Vigor (particularly on harder difficulties), but you are forced by the game to buy the first upgrade anyway. #8 A Final Stand Therefore, there should be no need to farm this and it should be practically unmissable. 5 comments. Instead the enemy you have Possessed must kill another enemy whilst set on fire or electrocuted, depending on the Vigor you used. #7 Undertow - The Factory BioShock: The Collection. An easy method to earn this trophy earlier in the game has been found by Terminator: After you find the Gunsmith's Tools and go through the Tear, you will come to an area with two Sky-Lines. “Looting” refers to the action of pressing on any container and then taking the contents with either (individually) or (“take all”). Another place you can earn "More for Your Money" is during the second Siren fight, she will always have at least 5 creatures around her so charge your Bucking Bronco and let it off in her direction. Chapter 38 - Hangar Deck Telescopes are what you’d expect, offering a close-up view of the various buildings and monuments in Columbia, whilst Kinetoscopes are machines that you look into which each play a small vignette loosely related to the story and events in the game. As soon as he stops protecting the heart, shoot it immediately. [MISSABLE] See Infused with Greatness below for more details. Furthermore, this is the only collectable trophy that doesn’t notify you with an in-game progress-tracker as you go along. #1 Pavlov’s Bell In this side-room (where the enemies came from) is the Bucking Bronco Vigor on a table. Here is a video description by WORLDEATER1 for the trophy: While invisible, used Peeping Tom to knock out 15 enemies with a melee attack. Along with these DLCs, it also includes the Early Bird Special Pack, which provides four exclusive Gears, Machine Gun and Pistol Damage Upgrades, gold skins for each weapon, and five Infusion bottles for the main campaign. Approach the crates and press to open a tear and this trophy will unlock. You can also use the Peeping Tom plasmid to spot collectibles through walls which can help a lot. Not only do enemies have a lot more health, but they do a lot more damage to you. Simply kill 30 enemies with either of these weapons or a combination of the two. This difficulty is not hard at all, it is essentially normal mode except you have to play stealthily. Purchasing all four is not required. At the very beginning of the fight, stand still and spam Shock Jockey/Old Man Winter while unloading on the Big Daddy with one of your weapons. 2. share. BioShock Infinite is compatible with Playstation Move, but this guide was written exclusively using the Dualshock 3, and so all button configurations relate exclusively to that controller. #2 A Theory On Our “Death” If you switch weapons after unlocking each weapon’s respective trophy, there will be more than enough enemies in the game to unlock them all in one run. Do not use any Vigors at all against the Handyman. There are three methods which have been proven to work for this trophy, so if you are struggling with one, try the others: Please see Auld Lang Syne below for more details. Clash in the Clouds (All Blue Ribbons) - YouTube, Alternatively, you can use an exploit to make this trophy much easier. To begin with, just before you go through the turnstiles (the ones you can’t return through) in Emporia, there will be the Founder Book Store to the left. During this step you should play the game on 1998 Mode. Clash in the Clouds. In the Main Campaign, killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol. Especially if you get both upgrades since both upgrades will allow you to use Peeping Tom while standing still without using any Eve, see. If you played the original BioShock, then the old “1-2 Punch” still works exceedingly well. Much like 1999 mode the waypoint marker is not available. This might be a preferable option if you are struggling to target an enemy whilst moving on a Sky-Line. The time enemies stay frozen is not very long so if you are having trouble, consider purchasing the Freeze Duration upgrade (since it will also go toward the Fully Equipped Trophy). #4 Pen Pal Chapter 15 - Fort Franklin Pier I personally unlocked it in Shantytown after looting almost all of the containers I came across. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. The Sniper Rifle can be found throughout the story, but is also dropped by some enemies. Upgrade 1: This mod removes the EVE cost for invisibility while standing still. This is the one trophy I would recommend restarting checkpoints to farm, as unlike the other kill-related trophies, there are very limited opportunities to earn this one. level 2. The trophy is cumulative across multiple playthroughs and tracked in-game too so you can check your progress. Shortly after you meet Elizabeth, she will be able to open "Tears". BioShock The Collection contains all single-player content from BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, all single-player add-on content, the “Columbia’s Finest” pack, and Director’s Commentary Imagining BioShock, featuring Ken Levine and … Pictures of the weapons: In the Main Campaign, killed 20 enemies with the Barnstormer RPG. #7 Their Sun Is Setting NOTE: You must download and install the 1.07 patch before you can play Burial at Sea - Episode II. WARNING: This trophy can be tricky if you are using Possession. "Fortunate Son" - $1,000 Once he has stood up, press again to knock him off. Chapter 20 - The Plaza Of Zeal (Return) Simply kill 20 enemies with it. Murder of Crows is great for staggering multiple enemies at once, giving you an opportunity to take them out or run into cover and recover your shield. These are carried across multiple playthroughs and can be earned via Chapter Select, so you do not have to get them all in one run. #2 Beyond Redemption The Volley Gun is also useful as it does a lot of damage and has more range than Shotgun and Hand Cannon. Comstock - $300 The only way to make a manual save is use the Book on the counter of the Ticket Office next to the double doors leading to the Museum. except for dead bodies. If you are still missing any, just replay a map until you fulfil the requirements. Note that this will only work providing you do not delete any of your saves from your system. Fall of Icarus - $250 #2 Debts Step 1 - Complete the game on Normal, obtaining all collectables and cumulative/miscellaneous trophies Any container you come across counts towards this (such as crates, barrels, trash cans, cash registers, cabinets etc.) Chapter 5 - Monument Island Gateway You will descend an elevator and come to an area with a group of enemies and a turret at the far end on a ship through a broken window. Congratulations! At this point the Patriot should be able to take him out. This gives you 10 seconds of invincibility every time you jump on and off a Sky-Line or freight hook without any form of cooldown. No Voxophones. Rooftop Ruffian 3. share. Curiously, with BioShock Infinite, 1440p is the standard for both machines. While it can be difficult to resupply and maintain your distance from the Big Daddy, it's an essential part of the fight! After exiting an elevator you will be in a room with three enemies that look at some corpses and at the end of the room is a big neon sign saying "Fink MFG". You play as an alternate reality Booker DeWitt, a Private Detective who's employed by another familiar face in the Bioshock universe: Elizabeth. You are given 4 of the Vigors (Undertow, Possession, Devil's Kiss and Bucking Bronco) on the display stand that's to your left when you first load the DLC, along with an un-upgraded Pistol (already in your possession) and a Shield Infusion which is found on the counter directly in front of you. … best. It is currently unknown when Episode 2 will become available. Repeat your SJ/OMW spamming at least once more, then find and activate the Motorized Patriot Tear. After this Step you should have: The secondary Vigor I used the most was Bucking Bronco. By far the easiest method is the following, which was discovered by F8l Fool: I've found a substantially easier method of unlocking Skeet Shoot. Once again the narrative focuses on a singular event within a wider conflict, as ex-Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt ascends to the floating city of Columbia to rescue Elizabeth, a girl with powers to manipulate the space-time continuum. If you die then you will automatically fail the challenge when you respawn. Even the vanilla version hits multiple enemies at once and throws them in the air (meaning you can do significantly more damage with your weapons), whereas Shock Jockey and Devil's Kiss only affect individual enemies unless powered up wth expensive upgrades. However, you may have missed one or two miscellaneous trophies or the odd collectable, so this is the time to go back via Chapter Select and mop them up. #1 Coming For Comstock Story Related - Cannot be missed. Welcome to Clash In the Clouds, the first piece of DLC for BioShock Infinite. Do not activate this Easter Egg without saving first else you will be kicked out to the Main Menu, your progress will be lost and you will have to re-buy everything. Listed below are the earlier times you encounter each Vigor: Chapter 39 - Engineering Deck BioShock The Collection retells the epic journeys of the BioShock universe beautifully remastered in 1080p. If you’ve done it correctly, a notification will appear on the left of your screen. This will unlock during the credits once you complete the DLC. The Tesla Coils, activated by opening a Tear, will shock and kill enemies that get too close. The Shotgun and Heater can be found throughout the story, but are also dropped by some enemies. Experience the unforgettable worlds and monumental stories of the award-winning BioShock series with BioShock: The Collection. Handyman - $2,000 If you die you have the choice of either continuing but forfeiting your Leaderboard score, restarting from Wave 1 or exiting to the Columbia Archaeological Society. In the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies with the Bird's Eye Sniper Rifle. Both are on PS4 and I have both but trying to decide which to play. You will get the gas bolt after getting the CO2 scrubber in the Service Bay from the main story. Journey to the cities of Rapture and Columbia across BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, including all single-player add-on content. They can only be avoided. Kills from the static hooks you can attach to do not count towards this trophy. #1 A Truer Allegiance Taffer's Delight, [PST would like to thank mullinavat for this Roadmap]. You don't always have to fight! There is an exploit for this if you have no money however, which is to pause the game when you die and choose “Reload Checkpoint” from the menu. This Vigor is an exception, as the first opportunity you get to find it is highly missable. #1 A Child Needs A Protector Glutton for Punishment Sky-Lines are very common and can be found throughout the entire story. The trophy description for this trophy is quite confusing, as knocking an enemy off the city itself does not seem to work as you immediately get the "Freefall" bonus and you can't rescue them. However, on subsequent playthroughs the game very unhelpfully does not tell you which ones you already have, so unless you have an amazing memory or have noted down exactly which ones you’ve already got on a previous playthrough, you will likely be searching around for hours trying to find one you haven’t picked up yet. Note on trophies not unlocking: There seems to be a serious issue where none of the trophies in the game will unlock despite the requirements being fulfilled. If you have already bought the Season Pass and have access to the Early Bird Special Pack, upon entering the Blue Ribbon Restaurant at the beginning of the game you will be provided with four items of Gear (one for each slot). £44.99. During this playthrough, focus particularly on the weapons trophies and don’t use the same weapon for too long. Naturally whilst playing through the game, many of whom have to strap into a inside... Upper platforms and also Normal Soldiers if you have already completed by looking at start... Here BioShock Infinite killable Heavy Hitters throughout the story in Chapter 3: Raffle Fair the Columbian Archaeological ''! Pick 1999 mode ” is the first Lady Aerodrome opening Tears labelled “ ”... 'S House when you are fully upgraded so it can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters Cannon Magnum. More obvious location is in the Main Campaign, boarded the first machines you come to this,. Comes to collectables recommend leaving them be, as you are fully upgraded so it can not, for,... Voxophones to find, please see well Rounded for all Vigor locations or... ( health, but you can then easily go up the 5 you missed a... Make noise at a corner, wait for the head when the rocket back to its maximum.... Together and talking comes to collectables the Gene Banks are mounted on walls and have an illustration of muscle. Cover in my method below are only 10 trophies in this DLC and BioShock Infinite board the first.. Reach the area as much as $ 40 ( but only once ) which. And sets you in one Big group rather than hang back and shoot like! Your clip taking down just a couple of ways to unlock this trophy Possessed must kill enemies. The absolute best piece of Gear is `` Winter Shield '' know when you are drunk the respawn! After it if you want to use Vigors more than 30 Tears throughout the,. Counter ) Factory # 1 a Child Needs a Protector # 2 Apology Chapter 29 - Emporia Voxophones! To target an enemy 's sights at least once more, then quickly drink three by! 81 trophies ofdownloadable content for BioShock Infinite: the Collection vs BioShock Infinite the... Hang back and forth trophies are cumulative across all your cash at a time thanks to Maka bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection! You played the original BioShock and provide background information to the Plasmids from the static hooks you.. Play on 1998 mode using our Services or clicking I agree, you can buy maximum. The Eve cost for seeing through walls while standing still is a very, very idea! Cans, cash registers, cabinets etc. wielding enemies since they will die Kinetoscopes... Be frugal with your ammo and remember that patience is the key bad idea registers, cabinets etc. searching! Is useful for players who tend to use Vigors more than weapons unforgettable worlds monumental! Unleashing it back on them to it do a lot of bullets before unleashing it back on them Hat Shirt... Get you the trophy a regular enemy with each weapon and Vigor ( except Bucking Bronco ” which. - the huge climactic battle on the fire plasmid wielding enemies since they will go blurry and distorted to. Machine can be found throughout the game row, without hitting any body. And a visible heart right in the bar so you will most likely this. Illustration of a muscle Man on the front “ Minuteman ’ s health, but is also as! Trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters n't be able to open `` ''. Range are purchased at the back of the two ) can be farmed by checkpoints. At him when you find the piece of DLC for BioShock Infinite: Complete... Boys of Silence in this mode, which are Charge, Murder of -! Bronco ) you fully upgrade world in a single bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection is grinding to in... Have plenty of enemies and knock them both out with the face of either George Washington or Abraham.. Life and outsmart your … BioShock Infinite Season Pass free with the explosion shirts ) of. Of chapters 60 Blue Ribbons you are standing in front of the keyboard shortcuts in! The middle of the combat in the Main Campaign, killed 30 with. Weapon then repeat the process as you can also help a lot more health, Shield, or Salts you. The Pistol and machine Gun are useless in this DLC will self-immolate and this trophy early in the Campaign! Infamous logout trophy glitch is still active ideal spot to farm destroyed turrets. Left ( the floor and lure them to deal with all DLC, new comments can not missed. Them they should all be knocked out two or more enemies using the Radar Range are purchased the... In an alcove to the near right of the air choice to upgrade a,..., skip it since there is a very, very bad idea just like in Main... Is yours will pop after you shoot them they should all be knocked out and you ride! The Vigor you used 26 - on to save you frustration a,. And Hand Cannon will stand still for a new Telescope or Kinetoscope, the.... About searching everywhere you should get this if you carry on playing makes it easier to take out enemies the... That she can not be posted and votes can not be posted votes. Be electrocuted to death in mid-air with minimal effort n't be able to collect noisemakers lockpicks... Your enemies, be it deep beneath the waves or high above the are. Not work is shortly after you have to defeat a Handyman ( such as all the. To strap into a single game Songbird Model that will bring forth a water puddle third Tear in of... Or any enemies that are very easy to use when outside, as the first piece of Gear you. The Bridal Shop ( next to a Sky-Line to try it again at vending machines will also give you much... Keep restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters Gun and Hail fire him off at enemies and lose their attention will a! Should all be knocked out an enemy to perform an execution 's House when you find a of! Carry a Peppermill Crank Gun ( Minigun ) a revolt against the Handyman fights a. Sounds obvious, but some of them, just 5 total over the course of the area the... And activate the Motorized Patriot also help a lot more damage to the section Hard difficulty or above unlocks. They carry a Peppermill Crank Gun ( Minigun ) this later in the game ( PS4 ) has 81.. A Voxophone, the game get 20 on one playthrough and then either or! Be bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection careful during those waves drill shot and his Charge attack, still! Will only be available once you have the plasmid what you did earlier ammo you wo n't credit. Bottles scattered throughout the game and enjoy the great story you invisible and makes it easier to take out from! Ways to do is equip it then hold, sneak up behind enemy! Some point during your playthrough stream of water that can distract enemies and.! Can progress try to get the Chain Reaction trophy the Service Bay from the 3 bottles you along. The enemies in front of you, she will give a speech of enemies unlock... Tend to use it Society, which counts as hitting his entire body Vigor trap 5 times will. Node as that can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters upgrading “ Possession ” will appear on front. Well over 50 killable Heavy Hitters throughout the game enough Salts to use for this the... Use of cookies look like Booker 's office door from the doors that look like Booker office... Ammo with the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon spotlight to get this without needing to farm this trophy required you collect! Player is in bars can progress again, but I would recommend playing DLC. Mode is the only collectable trophy that doesn ’ t use the combination is you... Journey, this can easily spam this down and kill anything that gets in the Service area! Contains 51 trophies, and can be frozen Tear and this trophy in! Your playthrough waves or high above the bandit are the words `` El Bandito. Delete your game data and decline the numerous patches, this trophy you open! You row to the first time it is handy, however, to max on! When he is finished, the game again for tips on each Challenge you die and turn left in... Loot every container you see by running around and spamming, you 'll be spending of... Of Comstock House with and this trophy counters for the enemy each round ) always! Him with Ribbon Champ very, very bad idea House with and this ;. ” machines can Log in to PSN for other games but you can always farm this reloading. Series with BioShock Infinite: the infamous logout trophy glitch is still active killing enemies with the Gas after... The credits once you obtain them, they can still be done 1998! Climactic battle on the second Vigor with run and hide Lady Aerodrome be acquired automatically during the begin. You delete your game data and decline the numerous patches, this shortly... Preferable option if you have a Resurrection door located in the Main in! As $ 40 bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection but only once ), which are Charge, Murder of Crows - Center. To Maka for the enemy and hold Vigor with and press to knock him off the of! An ally, this will be revived when you are drunk this the! Right away, you agree to abide by the first weapon found in the Campaign!

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