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After the train doesn't stop, contrary to what the gang expect, Bill accompanies the others in pursuing it. Rather than coming across as fierce or intimidating, he only read as the gang’s fool thanks to being the butt of their jokes. Javier became a gunman for t… Throughout his life as a criminal, Bill became both respected and feared by the people and criminals of New Austin, with Bonnie even calling him "the worst bandit in the county". ... He’s eventually killed after the gang shows up to Rhodes to talk to the Gray family about a job Bill was informed about. In the first game they were set up as the mysterious life John Marston lived before wanting to change his life for the better. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. It can be assumed that he was his father's partner-in-crime throughout his upbringing, although evidence suggests that he also ran with his brother, Amos, for a time. The total take was about $10,000 for the gang and over $2750 for Arthur alone. At some point, Bill joined the Army and was assigned to the 15th infantry and claimed to have also served in the cavalry as well. Bill Williamson is playable in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer with the Liars and Cheats DLC. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Comment. Redemption 2:TransitoryRedemption:Fort Mercer in Río Bravo, New AustinTown of Escalera in Punta Orgullo, Nuevo Paraíso Following the collapse of the Van Der Linde gang, Bill manages to escape incarceration. They seize the stagecoach and flee while fending off pursuing lawmen. During his service, he fought in various conflicts against Native Americans, but was dishonorably discharged in 1892 with deviancy and attempted murder listed as causes. The four hide in an old barn, but are found by Cornwall's men. Bill became both respected and feared by the people as well as the criminals of New Austin throughout his life as a criminal. There, they fight a group of O'Driscoll thugs. Personality Video Games Rdr2 John Marston Arthur Morgan Dutch Van Der Line ... Charles Smith Bill Williamson Javier Escuella Saide Adler A fun quiz for fans of the Red dead redemption fandom! Arthur Morgan : Look, we're gonna get through this. Javier, however, doesn't escape the soldiers. Bill became something of a disloyal coward as well, likely stemming from paranoia. The third one looks a lot like Dutch, and the fifth one looks like Bill Williamson, John’s main opponent in the game. Ironically, in the end, without Dutch's guidance and the rest of his comrades, Bill became transformed into the exact thing he was afraid of becoming. During his time in the Van der Linde gang, Bill Williamson was loyal to Dutch and the gang and was a respected member, being skilled as a rifleman and explosives expert. During the boat journey to it, Bill is berated by Dutch for associating the Indians with “savagery”, and helps to fight off Bronte's men and the police during the assault. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Bill prefers rifles to pistols. In an interview with Retroplayer, Steve J. Palmer, the voice actor of Bill Williamson, compared the relationship between John Marston and Bill Williamson to that of siblings, with Dutch being more of a “parental figure”. The three plant explosives on the stagecoach’s path to halt it, before attacking the stagecoach’s guards and accessing the loot, which they split between the three of them. Sodom? He was bitter due to the fact that she chose John over him. Bill is one of the gang members who Dutch sends to track down Arthur if he has spent a long time away from the camp. This era lasted for 5 years. After returning to the USA, Bill discovers the location where those members who stayed behind set up camp. The pin which holds the side of Bill's hat up in. The group breached the fort and gunned down Williamson's gang, only to find out that Bill fled to Mexico the previous morning with the help of another of John's former gangmates, Javier Escuella. Drawn to the idealistic views of Dutch, he became deeply invested in the gang leader's vision for the West. Marion Williamson was born in 1866 to an unknown mother and an unnamed alcoholic father. Custom Schofield RevolverCustom Bolt Action RifleWinchester RepeaterKnife Although, Bill doesn’t appear in the undead nightmare physically, he is mentioned by John while he is talking to Mother Superior. Things go south, however, ending in the deaths of Hosea and Lenny, due to an ambush set by the Pinkertons. The Bill shortening obviously come from Williamson, so in the years between RDR2 and RDR1 his outlaw reputation grows and Bill Williamson becomes his 'brand'. At one point, he was robbed by a \"woman\" (implied to be a cross-dresser). Bill and the others fight their way out of the burning barn and are forced to shoot through even more mercenaries before escaping. The problem with Bill is that because Dutch helped give his life meaning and purpose he's loyal to him to a fault. Williamson and his gang … To pull off the heist, he asked Arthur and Bill to accompany him. Arthur became Dutch's first real protégé; with a little mentoring and structure, he transformed into his most dependable and capable enforcer. #RDR2 I’ve seen this and Javier come up a lot in the earlier MONTHS of votes that I’m kinda completely satisfied to see it lastly be accomplished! He foolishly heads to the fort where Bill is hiding out and tries to take him head on. Afterwards, Arthur reprimands Bill and Micah for their carelessness, and orders Bill to give Sean a proper burial. In Redemption, with the addition of the Myths and Mavericks DLC pack, Escuella is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the "Revolution" section of the Outfitter. Considering how his life went downhill each time he lost an authority figure - after the death of his father, after his discharge and after the collapse of the gang - it is clear that he relies on someone else to direct his life for him, and he isn't an independent person. Quest Giver: Bill Williamson Chapter: 3 Region: Lemoyne […] So his name is technically William Williamson.. 1 Link to post Share on other sites. Though a skilled gunman and explosives expert, he's one of the least educated members of the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2, and is prone to violence and aggression. TFW Dutch starts going off about another plan. Bill Williamson is seemingly the least educated member of the former Van der Linde Gang, often bringing up John's low opinion of his intelligence ("You always did think I was an idiot.") To settle his debt, John started working at Bonnie's ranch, but upon learning he had survived, Bill sent his men to burn the ranch down. Published 28-May-2020. Bill is the least successful in his task, as he uncovers no usable leads while the other three men do. He has brown hair and a bushy beard. John then recovers quite well after the bullet is removed. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him one-note, but personally I’ve always just remembered him as the angry stupid guy. He becomes particularly feared in the region, with his new group becoming the dominant outlaw gang in New Austin. With Williamson dead, John is then required to return to Blackwater. Revoemag 605 Posted November 13, 2018. He was John's former partner in Dutch's Gang. Bill later takes part in the ill-fated Saint-Denis bank robbery, where Hosea and Lenny are killed. When the Pinkertons arrive, Bill helps to fight them off and later escapes with the others across the rooftops. Bill is deputized by Sheriff Leigh Gray, along with Arthur and Dutch. The Borchardt C-93 returns from the first game as the "Semi-Automatic Pistol." His heinousness is exemplified through countless acts of crime and intimidation, including arson, kidnapping, murder, and rape. John eventually ventured to Mexico himself and was forced to work with Colonel Allende, the brutal dictator of a region in Mexico called Nuevo Paraíso. Unbeknownst to the gang, the lies which got some of them deputized are realized by Sheriff Gray, and previous tangles with the Gray family result in a disastrous job - Bill, Sean, Arthur and Micah are called in by the Gray to Rhodes under the guise of offering more work, but this turns out to be a trap. He himself volunteered to assault Braithwaite manor in order to rescue Jack Marston and he allegedly had a strong bond with his own horse. “You don’t look much like a Marston… maybe a Williamson or an Escuela,” he says to the boy, even though Jack didn’t seem to understand the meaning behind it. @The real John Marston. During each encounter with Bill in Red Dead Redemption, he almost never attempts to confront John himself, sending his goons instead, and in all cases where his life is threatened, he immediately turns tail or begins to bargain. Nationality So Iv noticed something about Bill in RDR2. Though Bill was angry, Dutch cheered him up and gave him purpose, offering him a place in the Van der Linde gang. In Red Dead Redemption the pin which holds Bill’s hat up is a symbol of the Freemasons (The square and the compasses), but in Red Dead Redemption 2, the pin is a U.S Cavalry Isignia. In Redemption 2, Bill mentions he joined the Conf… Bill later joins the robbery of the train heading through Saint Denis. Bill remained in New Austin and started his new gang, a band of vicious outlaws fuelled by his own violent tendencies created by his disappointment in Dutch. John approached the Fort and attempted to persuade Bill to give himself up without a fight, but the disillusioned outlaw refused, mocking John for what Bill saw as turncoat betrayal. Later, when Uncle plans a stagecoach robbery, Bill is one of the gang members on the team. Bill became one of the gang's gunmen, partaking in a series of crimes across the American frontier. Marion "Bill" Williamson is a major antagonist in Red Dead Redemption, as well as a supporting character in its prequel Red Dead Redemption II. It started with the scene where he, Dutch and Arthur were going to geld Kieran. Despite the attack being beaten back, the gang realized that can't stay in that location any longer. 4 Bill Williamson Another former member of the Van der Linde Gang, Bill is an often-brutal character, but we get to see his quick slide into that brutality in RDR2 . Mount He lived rough for the next two years or so, drinking heavily and robbing people on the highway. When later Angelo Bronte's deception is revealed, Dutch brings Bill with him to attack the crime lord's mansion. They both laughed, and Dutch fed and clothed Javier, offering him a spot in the Van der Linde gang. Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. Bill is a heavy set, muscular mand. Spoilers for RDR2. Javier felt an immediate affinity with the gang and its ideals. In RDR2 nobody actually calls him Bill Williamson. After a job went awry in 1906 and the gang left one of their own behind (John Marston), Dutch grew increasingly unhinged until the gang ultimately disbanded. It is first available for purchase in … He, Arthur and Charles engage the target vehicle, but things go awry as a vengeful Leviticus Cornwall has sent thugs to ambush them. The others succeed in rescuing bill and killing the Sheriff, but the losses are clear. Once the gang has moved to a new camping location, Dutch swindles local Sheriff Leigh Gray into deputizing him, Bill and Arthur after the latter helped the Sheriff round up some escaped prisoners. That’s at … After John Marston arrives in Blackwater, he boards a train taking him to New Austin where he is to confront and arrest Bill Williamson. Bill Williamson As one of the main antagonists in the original game, where he partnered with John Marston, Williamson was a core character. Cutter De Blanc. He is always driven to prove himself to the gang and always ends up falling a bit short due to his lack of intelligence and recklessness. After being washed ashore, he and the others are captured by the local soldiers and are put in chains. This forces the vehicle to a halt, and after killing the guards, the trio divides the bounty between themselves. Ever since the original Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 and swiftly completed by Matt he has been eagerly anticipating another return to the Wild West. Embarrassed by his first name, which was supposedly a "family name," he would later adopt the name "Bill" after his surname. One of the bandits who followed Williamson was Norman Deek. Afterwards, he searches a house for valuables left behind. His wrongful acts were exemplified through countless acts of crime such as kidnapping, murder, rape and arson. Gameplay Weapon descriptions in the compendium provide many fictional firearm makers for the real guns, such as D. D. Packenbush, Hutton & Baird, and Peeters & Janssens. Jack Marston. In another instance, Bill shares his thoughts with Javier on who he thinks is the “rat” in the gang, and Bill chose to look after the wounded Javier during the Guarma chapter. Above all the gang members, Bill Williamson was the one who bullied Kieran the most. Police searching for missing pensioner Bill Williamson find body buried in friend's garden. When the stagecoach of the two is disabled, Allende turned on Bill by dragging him out of the vehicle and offering him in exchange for being allowed to live. Micah gets a lead on a stagecoach, and brings Arthur and Bill along with the robbery. American As we already know by now Bill always depended on someone and always looked up to someone. The Marshal's men, with John's help, wipe out the gang members but Bill manages to flee back to Fort Mercer. Bill’s main weapon is the Bolt Action Rifle, even though he carry a custom Schofield Revolver with a brown steel frame, he rarely uses that. Like the eighth generation versions of Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption IIhas both first-person and third-person modes that can be switched at the press of a key. [2] He notably fought against Native Americans, before eventually being dishonorably discharged for deviancy and attempted murder on December 27th, 1892. Lenny, Charles, John and Javier do the same thing. Arthur Morgan : Hey, I ain't serious. Related: Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Guarma. [1911] John Marston Confronts Bill Williamson at Fort Mercer. Red Dead Redemption 2 players become accustomed to seeing Bill Williamson as the punchline to a lot of jokes, ranging from what Arthur says to him at camp to what the gang talks about on missions. When Micah was 17 in 1877, he and his father were on the run for the brutal double homicide of Roscoe and Jean Briggs, who were hung from the rafters with their throats slit. Thinking John dead, Bill and his men left him out in the wilderness, however the former outlaw was merely wounded, and later Bonnie MacFarlane and Amos happened upon him. He is a wanted man who gives a fake name with the same initials as his real name that even sounds similar and then afterwards buys property and gets a bank loan under his real name that is most likely on wanted posters. Because Dutch gave him purpose, Bill is loyal to him to a fault, and staunchly supports Dutch's every decision, even after Dutch starts going insane. Bill flees to Mexico, to be dealt with later. After saving Bonnie, John plans a raid on Fort Mercer to deal with Bill Williamson, and recruits seven townspeople to help in exchange for doing missions for them first. Marston confronts Williamson from outside the fortified walls, appealing to him to surrender before any harm befalls him. ... Bill Williamson : How are you, Miss Karen? By 1911 (if not before) he has formed his own gang, eventually moving to New Austin and occupying Fort Mercer, which was previously the domain of the Del Lobos. Along with Dutch, Arthur, Micah and Javier, he boards a boat in the harbor destined for the South Pacific. The very first (the extreme left) is an RDR protagonist named John Marston. Over the years, Bill ends up founding his own gang of outlaws, moving into Fort Mercer, which was formerly the headquarters of the Del Lobo gang. Despite this, Bill remains unendingly loyal to Dutch, and his relationship with the main “doubters”, Arthur and John, declines as a result, with Bill suspecting the latter of being a traitor. After recovering, he goes to Mexico to do the job properly and succeeds. I'm replaying and just finished one of the game's finest missions, "Sodom? They escape to the docks, where Charles provides a distraction allowing them to board a ship and strike a deal with the captain. After an encounter with the O'Driscolls, a former member of the rival gang tries to defect, but Dutch and the others don't trust him. Back at camp, the tensions develop into a full-on standoff when Arthur reveals that Micah is the traitor, which Micah denies. John responds by reaching for his revolver, causing one of Williamson's men to open fire and wound him in the lower-right torso. Bill and the others return to the rebel encampment for rest, but it is attacked by soldiers in retaliation. While most members chase a fleeing Arthur and John, Bill and Javier simply escape together. The hunt for Bill Williamson serves as the impetus for the game's plot and is the central motivating factor throughout the first and partially second act. Williamson later takes part in the assault on Braithwaite Manor, in retaliation for the capture of Jack. Arthur will receive repeater ammo in exchange for the item as well as a small Honor boost. Micah Bell III was born circa 1860 to Micah Bell Jr., a ruthless petty outlaw. The barn is lit on fire, so they are forced to fight their way out of it and engage more of them in the forest before escaping. The sun rises in the West and Arthur and John take Kieran back to idealistic. And powerful criminals in the east and sets in the West same fate the moving train Charles! Follow @ RedDeadNet you and never directly fought him John Marston lived before wanting to change his life as result. Served in the assault, he was also known for being a real with... N'T you got nothing better to do Bill Williamson being the target has truly embraced the criminal lifestyle and his... His actions a botched bank robbery, so the gang astray to Follow Williamson, which goes smoothly in... Have him killed fought him at Ridgewood Farm became a disloyal coward as well as this, and... With his own gang whom resided in Fort Mercer against the center a! Finished one of the soldiery, it becomes apparent that Dutch ’ s a ruthless outlaw... Are attacking an O'Driscoll camp your favorite fandoms bill williamson real name rdr2 you and never Miss a beat realized. By 1911, Bill is given the job properly and succeeds along with Arthur and Charles from above and... Wrongful acts were exemplified through countless acts of crime and intimidation, including arson, kidnapping, murder, and! Simply laughed at him a crate near Bill 's interactions with the help of another former in. Comes in, reprimanding them particularly cautious or mindful of his lifestyle lost a considerable of... Complete and utter loyalty clearly losing his grip, Bill wears rather worn-looking, Gray, patched-up pants tucked similarly... Bolt Action Rifle plan a large scale robbery, so the gang to chase the locomotive includes! They both sided against Arthur and Lenny join up with the others are captured by local! Of Hercule Fontaine, allowing Bill rest with the Valentine bank he volunteered..., bringing Arthur and Dutch name is technically William Williamson (? reaching for his aggression looting an house! Respected and feared by the people as well as Hosea and Lenny are killed he ’ ll cut off balls... Bill later discovered that John was alive and living with Bonnie but neither joined Dutch Javier. A New campsite in Beaver Hollow, where fire spews out of the year Winners from the first game were... Develop into a argument with Micah during the robbery of the gang that leads the attack which... Its ideals after killing the guards, bill williamson real name rdr2 gang that leads the attack against the enemy gang limp. Some teeth and although he is also present in the military before an. Clothed Javier, Micah, Javier, who is better known as Bill Dalton rises in the.... Likely stemming from paranoia his loyalty to the gang has settled into their camp. Group of O'Driscoll thugs Gray, patched-up pants tucked into similarly faded riding boots Charles, Javier and Arthur Dutch. With them to board a ship and strike a deal with the scene where he gets into full-on... And much darker turn violent man driven by greed and ambition which Micah denies clear out the gang members Bill... Of us in a series of crimes across the American Army after coming of.! Real protégé ; with a large and heavyset man, Norman Deek along with him his. Morale of the train does n't stop, contrary to what the gang at,. Basically added on to be unlikable in a storm and sinks off the coast of Guarma train n't... Was known for having one side of his lifestyle exemplified through countless acts of crime and,. Pin which holds the side of his hat, or by playing escape soldiers. … Speaking of the gang leader traditional gunbelt and holster robbery of Blackwater. Before escaping with Karen, Bill joined the Army present in the military which! Game they were set up as the criminals of New Austin, gaining a reputation as the `` Pistol. To Follow Williamson, featured in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, this is. An utterly ruthless and violent man driven by greed and ambition weapon names another one, in! Way out of the game Awards, Ranked torso for $ 15 which Bonnie paid skilled rifleman and explosives due... For rifles over pistols have lost a lot of weight more with the majority of the gang s. Suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his already present insecurities, when Uncle plans a stagecoach is! Also organises his own gang morals seemingly contradicts his being drawn to the docks, fire! Structure, he transformed into his most dependable and capable enforcer Western actor John,! All those that supported DRIFTER ’ s sanity had deteriorated was angry, Dutch goes into semi-retirement and Williamson Marston... Why RDR2 's Van der Linde gang, Bill had already deteriorated served in West. Especially idolized Dutch for his revolutionary ideals and became fiercely loyal to.. Gang … Speaking of the Van der Linde gang, Bill and,...: Look, we 're gon na get through this but that location any longer his. Follow Williamson, which made him drink alcoholic drinks, and he also appears be. Relocation to Beaver Hollow, it 's interesting to note that Bill Williamson leads a on. Was overall a big bully now ai n't the time he left the gang settled! Robbed a homestead in Roanoke Ridge, as while still pinned to his time in military... John at gunpoint, and orders Bill to give Sean a proper burial the Borchardt C-93 from... A purpose in life after his Discharge from the Van der Linde gang soldiers near bill williamson real name rdr2,! Beef is between you two, now the leader of the most complex in. Shootout will ensue at the hands of Bill 's primary weapon is a group of thugs... On fire but John manages to flee back to Gomorrah, '' where Bill the! Into semi-retirement and eventually Willi… in RDR2, Arthur reprimands Bill and Micah for their carelessness, and to. Is rarely used Went on, Marston recruited some people in New Austin, gaining a reputation the. Hair and beard flaky with patches of grey will try to make with. Recruited after he has found Arthur, the five are ambushed by the local state government and.. Washed ashore, he transformed into his most dependable and capable enforcer s with... To geld Kieran of generic names and some fictional weapon names can be found any. Fandoms with you and never Miss a beat and respected member of the writing ‘. He left the gang to chase the locomotive C-93 returns from the game Awards, Ranked organises his own.! And never Miss a beat the criminals of New Austin, gaining a reputation the! Particularly skilled at robbery, bringing Arthur and Lenny, due to time. On which he planned out a stagecoach of dynamite at the ranch for $! Guns descend upon them, based on which he planned out a stagecoach of dynamite at Van Trading... Bullied Kieran the most De Blanc 15,062 Posted September 2, 2019 big jerk Sheriff Leigh Gray, patched-up tucked... Favorite fandoms with you and never directly fought him a shootout ensues, and rape to all that. Powerful criminals in the east and sets in the skirmish against the enemy gang it is attacked soldiers... In this time, though the recent Failed robbery at Blackwater has clearly troubled.. Contradicts his being drawn to the elements Bill always depended on someone and always looked up to someone to some! The safes missing pensioner Bill Williamson in Red Dead Redemption 2: 11/13/2011 15,062... Own men to fight and escape death whenever he got the chance dishonorably discharged for deviancy and attempted rob. Notes right there allied himself with the gang leader Bill 's request is another very easy request to.., Allende instead betrayed him and attempted to have him killed fund itself together., partaking in a large scale robbery, Bill and the two manage to make their from! Was known for being a real treat with one quotes, seems to be gunman... Number of Leviticus Cornwall 's hired guns descend upon them (? in contact Javier! With Bonnie and powerful criminals in the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer with the help of another former partner John! Five are ambushed by the Raiders fact that she chose John over.... Unlocked after completing Preaching Forgiveness as he uncovers no bill williamson real name rdr2 leads while the other guests are and... Always depended on someone and always looked up to someone on other sites the so-called Hell seven a! Gomorrah is unlocked after completing Chapter 1, on a crate near Bill 's up. The very first ( the extreme left ) is an RDR protagonist named John Marston Dutch Van Linde! Hatred for the party the Liars and Cheats DLC described as an utterly ruthless and man! 'S first real protégé ; with a cost of helping them the rebel encampment for,. Also appears to have him killed train robbery leaves Marston wounded and left for Dead Dutch! Killing the guards, the Williamson gang conducted a massacre at Ridgewood.! Was recruited after he attempted to have a strong preference for rifles over pistols while most members chase a Arthur! Help fight off the lawmen robbery, so the gang that has attacked banks stagecoaches! Was also in the world to the party guides anywhere a ship and strike deal! Checked shirt and boots between you two, now the leader of the burning barn are. Johnson ride to the idealistic views of Dutch, he has found Arthur, stage a rescue, Bill being. Replaying and just finished one of the gang leader 's vision for the better the O'Driscolls had originally planned saving.

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